13 May
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self advocacy for sustainable rehabilitation

13 May

I have been working in the Social and Development sector for the past few years, as part of the government initiatives. All these years I have been involved in implementing the various welfare policies of the government to reach out to the needy. In doing so I realized that these charity based programs have many shortcomings, and what is required is to empower them, create self advocacy and develop sustainable programs, rather than do something or extend charity once and then forget about that issue. My personal experience has been that these meet the  requirements of the needy for the time being and in no way enable to become independent, and rather make them more dependent on the charity.


Recently an NGO has approached me with a novel idea of self-advocacy, among  the Intellectually challenged and wanted us to fund the pilot project. Having been impressed with the idea, our organization has funded the program, and was amazed to see the result, and what it can do in reaching our objective of reaching the Un-reached. This model seemed to be very viable and cost effective and hence sustainable in its continuance. It is very important that we have more such models on these lines. However the government and the politicians who are more interested in popularity rather than addressing the core issues may not see reason in such initiatives and support them.


This is where I draw a semblance between my ideology and the initiatives of  organizations  advocating transformative businesses to solve the problems of poverty. I would love to be part of organizations, which advocate viable models and are seriously interested in addressing the problems of society.


My future goals

13 May

I have been working in the field of social and civic organizations for the past 10 years.My experience in working in this sector has convinced me that twhen the charity dollars run out, the mission of addressing the problems of the deprieved class, and improving their socio-economic conditions becomes a a very diificult task. Hence the concept of social entrepreunership, is a very sustainable option, as it creates a win-win situation.For the past 5 years, I am working for the rehabilitation and training for independent living of the persons with disabilities, especially the persons with mild and moderate mental retardation.Unlike the other category of persons with disabilities, the persons with mental retardation have more challenges to face, firstly as this is a permenant feature, and by virtue of the nature of this disability, they are more prone to social discrimination.The existenance of the various provisions like UNCRPD and the PWD Act in India, had not achieved much for enabling equal rights for them. We have been working to empower them for independent living by providing them vocational training and rehabilitating them through their acquired skills.Many of the persons we have trained either start working with some firms, or set up their own small time businesses. Not many banks/ or lenders are available who are willing to finance their ventures.Hence, i would like to explore the possibilities of micro financing this category of persons, there by providing them a means to live an independent life.I have a life goal of commiting my services for the betterment of the quality of life of the deprieved class of people, and as part of this, my near future goal is to develop and implement viable and sustainable models for rehabilitation of persons with mental retardation.

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13 May

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